Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Schloss Nymphenburg on the outskirts of Munich is a schloss is a schloss is a schloss like a we-can-do-French kind of schloss. There is also the royal porcelain collection and a fantastic array of carriages and sleighs with all the extra horsey bits.

The present count lives in this wing, so my Ring Cycle friend-of-count-I'm-an-eye-doctor-and live-on-the-edge-of-Nymphenberg seat neighbour told me.

The gardens have a splendid parterre

but the walk through the acres of woods to the outlying pavilions was the most interesting. It a big park and a long walk, and someone was heard to say 'if I'm not careful I'll start losing weight',

discovering amongst many things a Chinoiserie retreat (that link will lead to the others), grottos, a chapel of studded shells and stones, and this modest summer house in silver and blue.


Susan said...

Oh, my, look what I've missed while away on my own travels! This looks to be a glorious trip. Was thinking of you today, as I go to NYC tomorrow to see a performance of Uncle Vanya by the Sydney Theatre Company. Should be interesting!

wanderer said...

Should be fabulous Susan. I'll be over on Prufrocks as soon as.